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Rod mill vs Ball mill

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Ball mill and rod mill are two kinds of equipment commonly used in ore. According to the different properties of minerals, you can choose the equipment that suits you. Both are used as grinding equipment, what are the commonalities between them? What are the differences?

the differences between Rod mill and Ball mill

1. Different grinding media

The medium of the ball mill is steel balls, and the medium of the rod mill is steel rods.

2. Scope of use

Compared with the ball mill, the rod mill adopts advanced controllable feeding and discharging technology, and can use the appropriate grinding body according to the grinding material. The point contact of the traditional ball mill is changed to the line contact, which can make the output particle size more uniform and the output is also higher. high. Rod mills are mainly used for gravity separation or magnetic separation of tungsten tin ore and other rare metal ores, because the use of rod mills to grind can prevent dust pollution caused by excessive smashing, and improve the recovery rate of separation operations. Ball mills are suitable for grinding various ores and other materials, and are widely used in mineral processing, building materials and chemical industries. In addition, both can perform dry and wet grinding of materials.

Ball mill

3. The degree of refinement of grinding

If the degree of refinement of the material is analyzed, the surface area of ​​the steel rod medium volume in the rod mill is smaller than that of the steel ball medium in the ball mill, so the utilization factor is lower than that of the ball mill of the same size, and the rod mill is not suitable for fine crushing Because of the characteristics of the rod mill, it is generally used for rough grinding operations. In some materials, the rod mill can replace the fine crusher and solve the problem that the discharge port of the fine crusher is easy to be blocked.

4. Form of discharge

The rod mill adopts overflow type and open type discharge, without grid plate discharge, and the diameter of the hollow journal at the discharge end of the rod mill is larger than that of the same specification ball mill. When the rod mill barrel speed is lower than that of the same specification ball mill Working speed, the medium in the rod mill is in a cascading working state. For the ball mill, the overflow type and grid type discharge methods can be freely selected according to different customer requirements.

Rod mill