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froth flotation process for concentration of ore

2022-01-06 XinHai Views (479)

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Froth flotation process is a method of separating minerals from impurities or one mineral from another. Stir the unpurified ore powder with water and reagents. The reagents preferentially adhere to the target ore and change its surface characteristics. Then air is introduced into the mixture, and the target ore floats to the surface of the mixture with bubbles to form a foam. After defoaming, the target ore can be obtained.
The froth flotation process is an important part of ore beneficiation, and its process can be divided into the following froth flotation process for concentration of ore:

froth flotation process for concentration of ore

1. Through the action of suspended mineral particles and flotation agent, the surface of the target mineral is hydrophobized, and the non-target mineral is hydrophilized.

2. Make bubbles in the ore slurry, disperse them evenly, and make good contact with ore particles.

3. Make the slurry in a turbulent state to ensure that the ore particles are evenly suspended in the tank.

4. The mineral particles adhere to the bubbles to form mineralized bubbles.

5. Mineral bubbles continuously rise to the liquid surface to form a foam layer. The bubbles in the foam layer continue to burst and become dehydrated. Thereby, a part of the hydrophilic mineral particles in the inclusions are

removed, and the grade of the concentrate is improved, that is, “secondary enrichment” occurs.

6. Scrape out the foam to obtain foam concentrate.