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SF Flotation Cell

[Introduction]: SF flotation cell is a mechanical agitation type flotation machine with slurry suction and air suction.

[Capacity]: 0.24~12m³

[Improvement]: Both sides of the impeller with back rake blades ensures double circulating of slurry inside the flotation tank. Forward-inclined tank, small dead angle, fast froth movement

SF Flotation Cell


Large amount of air suction and low energy consumption;

The reasonable slurry circulation minimizes coarse sand sediments, and is conducive to flotation of coarse particle;

Auto-control device of slurry volume, convenient adjustment ;

The impeller with back-style two-side vanes ensures double circulation of slurry in tank;

Low circular velocity of impeller ensures long service life of wear parts;

Mechanical stirring, self-air suction, self-slurry suction;

Combined with the JJF flotation cell to be a set of flotation cell as suction tanks of each operation.


SF Flotation Cell

The working principle of the SF flotation cell: When the impeller rotates, the pulp in the upper and lower impeller cavities generates the centrifugal force under the action of the upper and lower blades and is thrown to the four sides, forming a negative pressure zone in the upper and lower impeller cavities. At the same time, the pulp on the upper part of the cover plate is inhaled into the upper impeller cavity through the circulation hole on the cover plate, forming an upcycling of the pulp. When the lower blade throws the pulp around, the lower pulp adds to the center, thus forming the lower cycle of the pulp. The air is sucked into the upper impeller chamber through the suction tube and the central tube, and mixed with the pulp to form many fine bubbles. After the steady flow through the cover plate, the air is evenly dispersed in the tank to form mineralized bubbles. The mineralized bubbles rise to the foam layer and are scraped out by the scraper.

The structure of SF flotation cell is mainly composed of the tank, impeller, motor, scraper and transmission device, etc. The volume of SF flotation cell is more than 10m³.


Model Effective
Motor    Power for Stir (kW) Motor Power for Scraper (kW) Single    Tank Weight (kg)
SF-0.37 0.37 0.2~0.4 300 352~442 1.5 0.55 468
SF-0.7 0.7 0.3~1.0 350 336~384 3 1.1 629
SF-1.2 1.2 0.6~1.6 450 312 5.5 1.1 1373
SF-2 2 1.5 ~3 550 280 11 1.5 1879
SF-2.8 2.8 1.5~3.5 550 280 11 1.5 1902
SF-4 4 2.0 ~4 650 235 15 1.5 2582
SF-6 6 3~6 760 191 30 2.2 3540
SF-8 8 4.0 ~8 760 191 30 2.2 4129
SF-16 16 5.0 ~16 850 169~193 45 1.5 7415
SF-20 20 10 ~12 850 169~193 45 1.5 9828


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